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Prepared Hyacinths may be planted now. Plant singularly in 9 or 10cm pot using John Innes No 1 or Multipurpose compost leaving the top one third of the bulb above soil level. Water in and plunge beneath 10cm of compost and keep in a cool location. Keep compost moist and once the shoots are 3 - 4 cm long they should be moved into a light position to flower.

Select Bedding Hyacinths for planting in the borders close to a path, the scent is fantastic and the smaller flower spikes less liable to flop.

Of the wonderful range of bulbs on display in the Garden Centre select and plant the smaller bulbs first as these are liable to dry out more quickly unless kept in a cool location. These include varieties like Snowdrop, Crocus, Iris and Scillas.

As a rule of thumb plant all bulbs about 2.5 times their own depth. Ensure the base of the bulbs are freely drained and incorporate Horticultural grit if the soil has a high clay content.



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