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Garden Essentials

A happy garden a happy gardener makes!

Everything you need to keep the garden in tip top shape is catered for
* Fertilisers and plant feeds; tomato and houseplant feeds; slow release and organic products
* Propagation; seed trays, pots and propagators. Tunnels, cloches and greenhouses
* Lawn care: lawn feed, weed and mosskillers, grass seed and spreaders
* Chemicals; full range of weedkillers*, insecticides, fungicides and pest controls
* Watering: hoses and attachments, guns and nozzles. Watering cans, sprinklers, hose reels and carts
* Weed control, plant support, plastics and meshes
* Garden tools: discover our comprehensive ranges from Wolf, Yeoman and Felco plus garden gloves, wellies, boots and kneelers
* Pots and planters, containers, tubs and troughs. Hanging baskets, brackets and liners
* Multipurpose or specialist composts are available in our covered compost areas. Customers do not even need to lift any bags as a member of staff will be happy to put the compost in the car boot for you.

Quite often customers are excited when they discover a garden gadget in our shop that they have been looking for for ages! That's because our buyers are real gardeners, and we know what other gardeners want.

  • Glyphosate update 14th August 2018 *
    Almost all domestic weedkillers contain the active ingredient glyphosate. All products containing glyphosate are regularly tested and assessed to ensure that they are safe for consumer use. As recently as November 2017, Glyphosate has been approved and re-licensed by the EU for a further five years following a lengthy and robust assessment by the independent EU regulatory authorities, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
    Based on that and the overwhelming weight of scientific research evidence we remain completely confident that branded weedkillers are completely safe when used as directed.
    Any queries should be emailed to

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • We will refund the difference on any branded product purchased from our centres which you prove can be bought cheaper locally and within 7 days of purchase. Till receipt must be presented
William Strike Ltd is a registered company trading in England, Scotland and Wales. Registered number 96366. Registered office Houghton Hall garden Centre, Houghton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6 4JB

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