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From Garden to Kitchen

Fruit Trees
various varieties
Soft Fruit
selected ranges
2 for £15.00
Herbs - 9cm pot
£2.50 each
5 for £10.00
Vegetable Strips
various varieties
from £2.50
Seed Potatoes
First, Second
and Main Crop
Tomato Plants
£1.50 each
4 for £5.00
Strawberry Plants
from £2.00
Pot Veg
£1.50 each
4 for £5.00
Onion and
Garlic Sets

Gift Cards

William Strike Ltd is a registered company trading in England, Scotland and Wales. Registered number 96366. Registered office Houghton Hall garden Centre, Houghton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6 4JB

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