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Our Waste Recycling Policy

At the Klondyke Group we are concious of our sustainability responsibilities and for this reason have introduced recycling schemes at all of our sites for most of our waste generated; this includes the recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, wood etc.

Currently 69% of our waste is recycled and we aim to further improve moving forward.

We will also endeavour to;

  • Further increase the amount of waste we send for recycling
  • Where possible return any plastic plant carrying trays back to the suppliers for them to reuse
  • Recycle all printer cartridges that have been used throughout the Group
  • We will continue to provide the facility to customers and staff to recycle their used batteries
  • Continue to have all junk mail and non sensitive paper waste recycled as well as our shredded confidential paper recycled
  • Where possible continue the indroductions of customer recycling facilities such as clothing bins etc


Our Rainwater Policy

In our centres rainwater is collected and used in the plant area to water plants, reducing the effects on the environment and we actively encourage our customers to do the same.


Did you Know? Plants

At the Klondyke Group wherever possible we actively purchase our plant stock from British Growers.

Currently around 90% of plants that we purchase are sourced from UK nurseries.

Benefits of trees & plants:

  • Make your garden more inviting and add beauty
  • Trees provide shade
  • Provide a natural solution to improve air quality
  • Contribute to a healthy lifestyle by improving health and well being
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Reduce the effects of carbon dioxide
  • Reduce background noise
  • Attract wildlife to your garden

Help our environment by introducing more plants and trees to your garden.

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Our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Policy

The Forest Stewrdship Council (FSC) is a non government, non profit organisation that promotes the responsible management of the worlds forests.

FSC labelled products are made with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment and also provide ongoing business value.

The FSC label guarantees that the forest products that are harvested are replaced or are allowed to generate naturally.

FSC protects the right of indigenous people to use the forest.  The forest owners must use local workers to run the forest.  They must provide them with training, safety equipment and a decent salary.

FSC give the assurance that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty  and benefits of the forest.

Klondyke Group will endeavour to:

  • Provide information to our customers on the benefits of purchasing FSC accredited products
  • To actively work toward stocking only wood products that have the FSC accreditation

  • Ensure that every product purchased from us that bears the FSC logo has been produced according to FSC standards.

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Peat Policy

The Klondyke Group is committed to environmental responsibility and to reducing the usage of peat for environmental reasons.  We share public concern in reducing peat use to minimise the effects of global peat extraction on peat bog habits. Many viable alternatives exist which are either completely peat free or of peat reduced content.

The government has set a target for amateur growing media products to be peat free by 2020. We will liaise closely with our suppliers in order to meet these targets.

Our suppliers have improved the labelling and information on their packaging, enabling our customers to make informed choices about peat alternatives when purchasing growing medium.

We will also endeavour to:

Provide trialled and tested viable peat alternatives

Sell growing medium products supplied by reputable and responsible companies

Ensure information is available so that customers can make informed  decisions when purchasing growing medium products

Stock a range of high quality growing medium that is fit for every gardening purpose and meets government guidelines


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Environmental Policy

The Klondyke Group is committed to recognising and accepting the need to provide and manage a safe and environmentally responsible business.  

The Group continually strives to improve its energy and water efficiency, reduce wastage, source product ethically and promote sustainable gardening throughout the business.

To implement this policy we intend to manage our environmental and sustainability efforts by seeking to achieve best practice as follows:

Meeting all regulatory requirements

Efficient use of energy resources by preventing pollution and minimising consumption

Recycling of rain water

Managing and recycling of our waste stream

Considering the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions

Promoting plants and products associated with a green environment

Giving consideration to the environment in both the design and build 

of new garden centres

Promoting green products and fostering environmental awareness 

The Directors will continually monitor the implementation and effects of this policy in order to continually improve our environmental practice and performance

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Give a Helping Hand

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