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Grillstream Classic 4 Burner Hybrid SB

Grillstream Classic 4 Burner Hybrid SB

The Grillstream Classic 4 burner barbecue is packed full of great features including Hybrid cooking system, Grillstream technology and a full cabinet for storage. Grillstream barbecues come with a second layer of grills. The simple science behind the double grill system is that the top grill streams away most of the fats and juices - eliminating flare ups. No more "is it cooked, is it not?" just amazingly tasty food. 

*Griddle & Warming Rack
*10 Year Warranty

H1150cm x W1400cm x D540cm

Product code: 00293019


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Grillstream Classic 4 Burner Hybrid SB
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Stock Code: 00293019

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